How To Use LinkedIn For Real Estate Lead Generation

Marketing yourself and your business is crucial in the real estate industry. To do this effectively, you must use all the tools and grow a network of contacts locally and remotely.

One thing that is incredibly useful to include is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the best places to get real estate leads. It has a great community of people with similar interests who will help you find leads, make sales and gain more exposure.

This post will walk you through how to use LinkedIn for real estate lead generation and generate contacts that matter in your niche.

1. Prepare A Professional Profile

Create a profile highlighting your skills, experience, expertise in real estate, and any other area of expertise you want. Add your company name, address, and contact information, including phone number and links to your website and social media profiles where applicable.

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Ensure that your profile has all the relevant details about yourself and your company. You should include everything from what you do in each category (i.e., agent, broker) down to the level of detail required by the particular role on LinkedIn (i.e., CEO or Director).

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Create a custom URL for your LinkedIn account so that you can direct people there when they search for you online or when someone forwards an email to them from one of their contacts within LinkedIn who has already signed up for a free account.

Make sure your avatar is attractive and engaging. Your avatar is what people see when they view your profile; if it doesn’t look professional or attractive, then there’s a good chance that no one will click on it.

Make sure your cover photo has an image that represents you well and reflects who you are as an individual. If you have a portfolio page, make sure that there are images of each property in the portfolio.

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Make sure that all of the updates in your news feed feature keywords related to real estate or marketing; this helps people find out more about who you are and what services or products you offer.

2. Create Targeted Groups For Your Buyers And Sellers

LinkedIn is a great place to build a professional network, but it’s not just for business professionals. If you’re an agent with a real estate license or broker, you can use LinkedIn as a lead generation tool by creating targeted groups for your buyers and sellers.

A targeted group on LinkedIn is an industry-specific group that allows you to share information with the people looking for the same thing you are looking for. 

For example, if you are an agent who wants to get more referrals, create a targeted group on LinkedIn that focuses on finding real estate agents looking for listings in your market area.

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When creating targeted groups on LinkedIn, ensure you are putting out valuable information instead of just sharing links. 

Make sure that people know what they are getting into when they join your group, so don’t feel like they’ve been misled or taken advantage of.

 Also, remember that not everyone will be interested in joining your group — if they don’t fit in with what your target market wants, then don’t waste your time trying to convince them!

For example, search through groups that interest you or are related to what you do in real estate, such as “real estate agents,” “home builders,” or “investors.” 

You will find other people in these groups looking for homes as well. Keep an eye out for people actively searching for homes; they are probably more likely to buy than those not currently on the market.

3. Follow Influential People

LinkedIn is a social media platform that allows you to follow people who have similar interests and goals as yours. It’s an easy way to find influencers in your area and learn more about their industry.

When you join groups or become an expert in a niche, you will want to keep in touch with your followers who follow those groups or topics. These people may have been asking questions about what you do or how they can do it themselves.

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If you don’t already have accounts on Twitter or Google+, create them now so that you can connect with these influencers on LinkedIn and get more exposure for your brand.

You can also see what other professionals in your industry are talking about, which will help you stay up-to-date on industry trends and developments.

The best part about following influencers is that they are going to share valuable content with you regularly — so it’s easy to get motivated to keep following them!

4. Use Hashtags In Posts

Hashtags are a great way to increase your visibility on LinkedIn. They are also a suitable way to reach the right audience, which is the goal of any marketing campaign.

Hashtags can help you reach your target audience by targeting individual people or companies using their specific hashtags. For example, if you’re interested in promoting a home for sale, you might want to use a hashtag that includes the word “home” or “real estate.”

You could also target people who use specific keywords related to real estate. For example, if you want to promote an agent in your area that specializes in selling homes for sale, you might want to use the hashtag #SellHomesInMyArea as part of your post or tweet.

You can also use hashtags within tweets and LinkedIn posts to appear more prominently in search results and when users look up your company’s page. That will increase your chances of being found by potential buyers or tenants.

5. Update Status Regularly

Another thing you need to do is update your LinkedIn profile in the real estate industry. You don’t have to be an expert in real estate, but you need to include relevant information about yourself and your experience in the field.

You should also update your profile regularly so that people can see where you are currently working or living, what you’re doing next, etc., as well as any new projects or achievements that have happened since they last looked at your profile.

Such will help provide credibility when connecting with people on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as well as other sites where they might be interested in hearing from you.  

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By updating your profile regularly and engaging with others on the site, you’ll be able to expand your network of professional contacts and build stronger relationships with other professionals in the real estate industry.

6. Share Your Expertise

Most people join LinkedIn because they want to learn new things, but they also use it to share their knowledge with others to get more exposure for themselves and their brand. 

For example, if you’re a broker who specializes in luxury homes and has built up plenty of experience working with high-end clients, then share. 

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Share industry news and insights. There are many ways to use LinkedIn for real estate lead generation, but the most effective ones involve sharing industry news and insights with your network.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Speak Up: It’s easy to find great content on LinkedIn and share it with your contacts. But don’t just share what you find — create posts that help educate professionals within your industry. You can write about lead generation, marketing strategies or even real estate trends.
  • Share Industry News: When you are sharing industry news on LinkedIn, make sure that it’s relevant to people in your network who are actively looking for properties or buyers. 

If you have something relevant to share, click “share” and send the link to those people as soon as possible. Suppose you don’t have anything relevant yet, keep posting about what’s happening in the industry until something catches their attention!

7. Share Content

First and foremost, you must share LinkedIn content to attract new clients. That means sharing any blog articles or other content that you’ve written.

To increase the chances of your content getting noticed by people actively searching for agents in your area, make sure that your posts are keyword-rich and relevant to what they’re looking for. 

If someone is looking for an agent in San Diego, try posting about how to buy a house in San Diego.

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Share articles or blog posts that relate to your field of expertise. For example, if you are a real estate agent, share articles about local housing markets or how to sell a home faster.

Sharing content is not only a way of getting yourself out there and visible, but it also helps others find out about you and your services. It can be anything from a blog post, an article in a magazine or newspaper, or even an infographic or video clip you’ve created yourself. 

The more people see what you are doing, the more they want to hear from you!

Precisely, share articles that relate to real estate. You may not realize it, but posts related to real estate often show up in the activity feed of people who follow your industry pages on LinkedIn — so these posts are prime opportunities for building relationships with new contacts.

8. Post Your Listings On Local Real Estate Websites

The most popular real estate websites in your area may not be available on LinkedIn yet, but they’re probably available elsewhere. If you post your listings on those sites and include a link to your LinkedIn profile page, you will increase your visibility and make it easier for people to find you.

When you are ready to post your listings on local real estate websites, you will need to find a listing agent who can help you get it done. If you are unsure where to start, ask friends and colleagues if they know of any agents in your area.

If you can’t find an agent, consider partnering with one. You can post your listings directly on their website or through an online marketplace like Zoopla. 

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You could also ask one of the agents with experience working with property managers and brokers to help you post your listings on the websites of multiple agents. 

9. Send Them Invitations

LinkedIn is a great place to send out invitations to potential leads, but you need to be careful with the language of your message. Here are some tips to help you write the perfect invitation:

  • Choose a good time frame: The best time of day to send an invitation is when people are most likely to respond, typically in the morning or afternoon.
  • Try sending two different versions of your message: one that mentions an event and another that doesn’t. It will make it easier for people to respond if they’re free at either time or prefer one over the other.
  • Don’t forget about your company’s blog or website! Add a link to your message’s body so that people can learn more about what makes you unique and why they should contact you today.
  • Invite potential customers by sending them a message through LinkedIn’s messaging feature (right below their profile). Explain why you think they’d be interested in learning more about what you do and ask if they’d be open to scheduling a time to chat over coffee or over lunch sometime during the next month.

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In Conclusion

Lead generation is the number one objective for real estate agents and marketers, so it makes sense that real estate professionals are drawn to LinkedIn. This site is built around only one thing: generating leads.

LinkedIn makes it easy to see connections between professionals and industries. Using this advantage, you can branch out from your real estate lead generation strategies and connect with new potential partners in the industry. 

LinkedIn also offers a platform for ongoing interaction between two parties which is invaluable for strategic partnerships. 

Building a massive LinkedIn network should be an important part of your marketing plan regardless of what industry you operate in. You never know who you might run into at the next industry event you attend! 

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