10 Best LinkedIn InMail Templates For More Sales 

LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for interacting with customers and professionals. This platform is unique because it enables businesses to reach out to prospects through connection requests. If you want to get more leads and sales on LinkedIn, you have to walk an extra mile.

It’s more like starting a conversation with a total stranger – the first impression will determine whether you win them or not. That is why you must always be on the right note. You need a message template that doesn’t look aggressive, mild, and out of context.

Every business has been there, you are trying to reach out to a customer on LinkedIn, but you don’t have the exact words to explain yourself. You end up not communicating to your prospects the right way, affecting your sales.  

You need this article to up your game and ensure your LinkedIn Connection Request does not waste. Here we look at some conversation starters that will help you approach any lead in a way that converts them to sales.

How To Improve Connection On LinkedIn And Make The Most Sales

Cold pitching and sending cold LinkedIn messages will not get you any sales unless you get out of your comfort zone. You have to optimize your LinkedIn and make it easy to reach out to prospects and customers with customized messages. Here is what you should do and make the .work easy for you:

1 – Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile  

An optimized LinkedIn profile makes your work easy as a business or marketer. Whether you are reaching out to prospects through cold emailing or using a multichannel approach, most people will look at your LinkedIn profile before they make any move. 

Most people will check your company profile on LinkedIn before even following you.

Your LinkedIn profile is like your business card, and you want to ensure it is neat and professional. If you want to ensure your LinkedIn profile is on point, you should do the following:

– Write a catchy headline describing what your job is about. Your headline should explain to your network what you do best.

– Upload a professional profile picture.

– Upload a cover photo showing people what you do or what your business offers

– Talk about your qualifications. Which college did you attend?

– List your experience level relevant to the job you’re doing now

2 – Follow Up On Networking Opportunities 

Building a network on LinkedIn is more like what happens in real life when you meet and interact with people face to face. Many people you happen to know in real life are active on LinkedIn. The best you can do is reach out to them on the platform.

So, whether it’s your doctor, classmate, trainer, or role model, you have the chance to connect with them on LinkedIn and improve your networking opportunity.

3 – Explore LinkedIn Groups 

With LinkedIn Groups, you can connect with people within your specialty to build relationships, share information, and probe communities for advice. 

You are free to select all the groups that reflect communities found within your target audience to demonstrate your knowledge and learn more about your customers and prospects.

4 – Publish Regular Posts To Engage With Your Target Audience 

Another way to increase your connections on LinkedIn is to invite engagement by posting relevant content often. When people share, like, and comment on your post, their connections will likely notice your original feed. This increases your connection by making you more visible on the platform.

LinkedIn InMail Message Templates To Boost Connection And Sales 

A successful LinkedIn outreach and lead generation campaign lies on the quality of the message you want to send and the quality of prospects that you want to target.

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When you have a generic LinkedIn prospecting message, you can connect with more people and convert them to customers. Here is a list of messaging templates you can use when drafting your LinkedIn message and start generating results.

1- Basic LinkedIn InMail Template 

If you are looking to improve your sales on LinkedIn, you should know how to use the basic messaging template first. The basic LinkedIn InMail Template is an idea for connecting and interacting with everyone on LinkedIn and introducing your company product and services.

Below is an Inmail message template you can use:

Hi (prospect’s name), thanks for connecting!

My company (company –name) has been able to come up with (products) that can (Unique Selling Point). Is this a product you can be interested in? If not, can you please connect me to anyone in your network who will find this (product) beneficial to them?


(Your name)

2 – LinkedIn InMail Template For Requesting A Phone Call

The first step to creating a partnership, when streaming LinkedIn outreach, is to engage your audience on a phone call. A phone call gives you this opportunity to share the specifics of the product you are offering in detail and address all the issues and questions your prospects may have.

Hi (customer name), thank you for connecting with us!

I am always looking forward to meeting with people in the industry, and I am glad I came across your profile on this platform. 

I currently run and work for (your company name) and am glad to let you know that we have launched a new project (name the new product or service). I would like to share more on this product through a phone call if you don’t mind.

Will you be available for a brief call this week?

I am looking forward to hearing from you!


(Your name)

3 – Template For Inviting Someone To Your Seminar  

You can also invite a speaker or influencer to your event right on LinkedIn. Here is an example of a connection request template you can use:

Hello (prospect’s first name),

I read your article (title) on (website), and I must admit I liked it.

Sure, I love your work, and I would like to connect with you.

Once your connection responds to the message, you can proceed with another personalized LinkedIn message. Here is how you can draft your message.

Thank you so much for including me in your network!

As I mentioned in the earlier message, I liked your article because (reason).

I am organizing a seminar on (date) on a similar topic (title) that is aimed at (occupation). I am inviting you to attend this seminar as a guest speaker. 

We can connect through a phone call during the week and discuss this. Let me know what your thoughts are.


(Your name)

With this kind of message, you can easily get a connection on LinkedIn. Why? You have already shown the recipient that you’ve done your research and know a little about them. You have admired their work and shared how the work has helped you. Everyone feels appreciated to learn that what they are doing is helpful to others.

4 – LinkedIn Message Template For Connecting Through A Mutual Friend Pitch  

Here is a message template showing how you can connect with other LinkedIn users through a mutual friend.

Hi (first name),

I have just realized that we are both connected to (mention your mutual connection). I also worked with (mutual connection) at (company name or project ), so I thought it would be nice to connect with you. 

So, how do you know (mutual connection’s name)?

You can follow up with this message:

I asked if you know (mutual connection’s name) because we have developed a new tool that (benefits).

If this is something that your business may be interested in, I would like to make a quick call and share some details on the product.

Please let me know when I should make that call. 


(Your name)

5 – LinkedIn InMail Message For Mentioning Product Benefits To Your New Connection

When connecting with people on LinkedIn to sell your new product, you should focus more on informing them about how the product can offer solutions to their problems. 

For instance, you can mention some task that is a nuisance to most people and how your tool can come to their rescue. 

Here is an InMail template that can help you craft your message:

Hello (prospect name),

Are you tired of (tasks)?

Is it taking much of your time and boring?

You should be spending your time on things that make you money.

Our company has developed a tool that will help you carry out this (task) for you.

If you are interested, you can get in touch with me for a free trial.

 I look forward to hearing from you. 


(Your name)

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6 – Template For Building Partnership With Your Connection 

When you look forward to connecting with people or establishing partnerships with them, you should be ready to offer them something in return. Here is an example of how to craft your InMail and get the partnership:

Hello (first name),

 I have realized that we are in the same industry. I have been reaching out to high-profile people in (industry) every week to discuss more on (topic). Can you help me with any referrals? Please let me know if you are interested in this offer.

I look forward to hearing from you.


(Your name)

7 – LinkedIn InMail Template For Requesting To Meet With Your New Connection 

Sometimes a phone call may not be enough to convince people to buy your products and services. You have to arrange for a face-to-face meeting. You can send a message on LinkedIn to your prospects and arrange for a quick meet up. 

Here is a simple template to help you:

Hello (Name), thank you for connecting with me!

I would like to reach out to let you know about (name of your company) and our upcoming project (product or service).

If you need (business objective) you can accept my invitation for an evening coffee. If you are free this week, I would like to meet up with you to share more about this (project).

Best regards!

(Your name)

8 – Template For Initiating A Conversation With Prospects 

If you look forward to connecting with most people on LinkedIn, you should find a way of initiating conversations with them. 

Building relationships with your prospects is an excellent idea if you want to convert them to customers and ask them to buy your products. Here is an InMail message template to help you start a conversation:

Hi (prospect name), thank you for connecting!

I am always trying to know something new about the people I connect with. Are you working on a new project now?

Best regards!

(Your name)

9 – Template For Reaching Out To A Prospect Who Asked A Question On A Comment 

When prospects ask questions about your products and service in the comment section, you must reach out to them. This is one way of showing them that you care about their feedback. Here is a simple message template to respond to your prospect’s questions.

Hi (name of prospect),

I realized you asked a question in the (author’s name) post. 

Your question was very interesting.

I would love to suggest to you some resources to help you find solutions to your problem.

Thank you!

(Your name)

10 – Template For Recruiting People To Your Company 

Ideally, before graduating to a social media and networking platform, LinkedIn was a platform for recruiting. 

Most managers would create profiles on LinkedIn to find top talent and recruit them to their companies.

If you are looking for the best candidates for your job openings, here is a message template you can use:

Hi (name),

We are currently looking for the best candidate to fill a (job title) position in our company, and I have come across your profile. Your profile fits the definition of the right person we are looking for in our company, which is why I have reached out to you.

Are you open for a quick chat?


(Your name)

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Final Thoughts 

There is more than LinkedIn has to offer as a social networking platform. Whether you are looking forward to connecting with new prospects, getting a new employee for your job openings, or selling your new product, this platform can help you meet your goals. 

This article lists some message templates you can copy when connecting with people on the platform. Use these templates to write your messages and connect with people on LinkedIn and increase your sales. 

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