Best LinkedIn Automation Tools For Lead Generation

Looking to scale up LinkedIn lead generation? Wondering which are the top LinkedIn automation tools?

This article will discuss the top LinkedIn lead generation tools to maximize LinkedIn lead generation.

Over the last few years, LinkedIn has emerged as one of the best social media platforms for sales and marketing purposes. 

By 2022 linked has nearly 810 million active users spread over 200 countries and almost 30 million active companies registered on linked in, making it the largest professional network. 

As an intelligent working professional, you won’t overlook the platform with the humongous potential to help you grow. 

LinkedIn is proven for generating targeted leads and boosting sales channels in smart ways. However, LinkedIn also demands your time, attention, and constant presence like other social media platforms. 

Hence, this article lists the top LinkedIn lead generation software to generate the hottest LinkedIn leads.

What is LinkedIn Automation? 

LinkedIn automation helps to automate repetitive tasks such as finding relevant prospects and sending connection requests. This saves a lot of time and effort required to do multiple tasks manually, starting from sending connection requests and subsequent messages, follow-up messages, search alerts, and much more. It has come as a boon to its users and has streamlined how the whole platform works and enabled it efficiently. 

Why Should You Use LinkedIn Lead Generation Automation Tools?

Time-saving: It saves a lot of time for marketing professionals by automating basic tasks that are otherwise time-consuming. 

Quick and smart work: With the use of LinkedIn automation tools, you do not need to send connection requests or personalized messages one by one; it all happens in just one click and ways faster than the manual process

Personalize your mass outreach: Even if you are sending the same message to hundred inboxes simultaneously, Linkedin automation software helps you customize them and deliver it like personalizing the message.

Monitor your campaigns: Many LinkedIn lead generation tools let you monitor and analyze your branding campaign in real-time and give customized solutions for your leads. 

Organized Data: You do not have to invest time in creating data files; you can export them directly through CSV files that are ready in an organized format

Smart Integration: Most of the LinkedIn lead generation tools allow you to integrate with CRM tools and also help you develop an omnichannel approach for lead generation.


Now, when you know why you should use these LinkedIn automation tools, let’s have a deep dive! Here we have curated the best 15 automated lead generation tools for LinkedIn. 

Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Software

E Leads Pro

E Leads Pro is the best LinkedIn lead generation tool used by both beginners and experienced sales professionals. It is a fully managed platform that helps you connect with your prospects and build a solid connection network on LinkedIn.


  • E Leads Pro is an intuitive cloud-based solution that provides you with a personalized dashboard where you can monitor your LinkedIn lead generation campaign.
  • Offers innovative sequence tools to guide you through creating target-specific campaigns and sales plans.
  • Provides real-time statistics, lets you extract lead data from CSV files and allows you to contact your leads through the dashboard. 
  • Offers full-time assistance via a dedicated account manager to help you set up and make optimum use of the popular LinkedIn lead generation platform.
  • E Leads Pro assists you through the entire sales channel from branding-prospecting -repo building to generating hot leads and providing valuable insights to close the deal. 


Innovative smart Sequence is such a unique feature of E Leads Pro that allows you to create different roadmaps for your workflows depending on the prospect’s behavior. This AI feature distinguish E Leads Pro from any other lead generation automation tool for LinkedIn.

  • Best campaign optimization support.
  • You get dedicated assistance not only for setup but throughout the sales process.
  • You can customize photos, vehicle brochures, and pricing quotes to send.
  • Quite user-friendly for majorly all the users.
  • Easy navigation, Multiple mining areas, and in-depth customized reports.
  • Send automated emails with the tracking feature of sent and received emails.


  • Sometimes server downtime is seen due to time zone. But it’s not evident in the U.S.
  • Less user control over the database and generating customized reports. 

Why must You try E Leads Pro?

  • Generate hot leads 
  • Grow your network effortlessly
  • Target right profiles
  • Build strong relationships and engage with prospects
  • Effective brand campaigns and strong brand awareness
  • Boost sales drives.

E leads Pro will always be ahead of you for your sales activities to deliver the best. 


E Leads Pro allows you a free trial that you can cancel anytime. They offer 4 plans for different level employers. 

  • For small businesses, a starter plan at $199 per month.
  • Upgradations to it with the professional plan at $299 per user per month. 
  • The enterprise plan at $499 per user per month.
  • The ultimate plan enterprise plus plan comes at $899 per user per month.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you think of using LinkedIn to boost your sales, start with LinkedIn’s very own automation tool, Sales Navigator. It serves best to help users to connect with buyers and sellers. The best part about the tool is that it is pretty simple yet powerful and when it is combined with the parent platform becomes even more helpful.


  • The advanced algorithm provides you recommendations to find prospects that align with your offerings and based on your need from your past searches. 
  • The search parameters are extensive; they make searching for leads makes easy.
  • Other top features include advanced filtering, a relationship-building tool, and a smart CRM synchronization tool in LinkedIn sales navigator.


LinkedIn offers three different pricing plans. 

  • The core version comes at 79.99 $ per user per month.
  • The advanced plan at 125 per user per month is the team version. 
  • The advanced plus is an enterprise plan with CRM integrations.

You can start with a 30-day free trial anytime.


When it comes to creating new business and closing deals, LinkedIn is an invaluable tool to have at your disposal. That’s why, a LinkedIn automation platform, can help. Because Saleshub was developed with personalization at its core, it is a powerful tool for sales outreach on LinkedIn. As a marketer or salesperson, the email discovery and verification feature are crucial. This ensures that every person you contact is real and not a robot.


  • Options for sophisticated automation.
  • Campaigns can be linked to both email and LinkedIn.
  • Enriching the data to better target outreach efforts.
  • 7 days trial with no strings attached.


  • It’s easy for pricing to become a bit confusing.


  • You need to pay $49 each month, to begin with. The cost of add-ons varies depending on the type of add-on.


Crystal is one kind of tool that is highly recommended as the most competent lead generation tool by marketers. The tool feels magical when it comes to an understanding of your customer, like why they do something, what are their motivations to buy, and their behavior patterns.

The most exciting part about Crystal is that It can precisely predict personalities from a LinkedIn profile.


  • Crystal asses a LinkedIn profile or premium account and provide insight into a profile personality.
  • With AI, crystal gives you the best communication advice for anyone you meet on Linkedin. 


  • With AI, Crystal understands people’s personalities, which is authentic & trustworthy. The results you get are highly reliable and accurate. 
  • It gives you insights into your connections and personality and possible responses that help you strategize for a communication approach like which channel to use, what will interest them etc.


  • With a free version, you get only 10 profiles analysis; for more, you have to go for the paid version.
  • There is a scope of bias because, at the DISC test, people might not answer true responses.


  • Crystal offers a free version, and Crystal’s paid version starts at $19 per month.
  • It has some advanced features such as email templates and more recommendations. Crystal does not offer a free trial.


Dux-Soup has emerged as one of the most popular tools for LinkedIn lead generation automation tools. Dux-Soup is a Chrome extension tool; you have to keep running LinkedIn to use this tool.

With Dux-Soup, LinkedIn becomes a more streamlined and orderly process. When you can personalize your automated messages and add intriguing components such as photographs or tags, your communication will appear more human and engaging to your customers and clients.


  • You can send automated messages to connections for offers and follow-ups
  • with Dux-Soup, you can use tags and notes directly on a prospect’s profile.
  • You can create a database of your prospects using this tool.


  • When it comes to setting up LinkedIn campaigns, Dux-Soup is a great tool for newbies.
  • With their reliable chat support during business hours, you can get answers to your queries within moments!


  • Dux-Soup is a chrome extension. It may cause performance issues on your computer. 
  • The user interface isn’t very easy to understand. So, learning takes time.


  • It offers three plans starting with the free plan. 
  • With many great features, the Pro Dux version comes at $11.25 per month.
  • Advanced Turbo Dux version is at $41.25 per month. 


As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn is an ocean of information. Without the help of a prospecting tool, you may find yourself drowning in data and losing your direction. That is where leadFuse is helpful. As an automation tool, it offers you a hassle-free way to get the contact details of your prospects easily. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, emails, contact numbers, and Social media profiles of prospects are all readily available! 


  • With this tool, you can access contact information, including email and phone numbers.
  • A simple search will yield a list of potential leads and accounts to target.
  • You can automatically send personalized emails and follow-ups.


  • The tool is helpful for even small teams in lead generation quickly.
  • User-friendliness is a strong suit of this tool.


  • Not the best choice because it can be improved.
  • The contact numbers received are not always accurate.


  • The pricing plans for LeadFuze start from $132.30/month.


Is this the first time you’ve had to provide an email address to prove your suitability for a connection? When you’re faced with a circumstance like this, Aeroleads is here to help. Using Aeroleads, you can connect with the most significant people in your target market by finding their business emails and contact numbers.

Customize your messaging while interacting with the most popular CRM systems using Aeroleads. Linkedin sales navigation, as well as sites like Crunchbase and AngelList, can be used with this application.


  • Find contact details like company emails and connections from LinkedIn.
  • Get various data points (full name, job description, location, working company specifications, business contact numbers, etc.)
  • Export/Send data to various CRM like HubSpot Salesforce, etc.
  • Content creation, distribution, and engagement through automation tools
  • Sends connection requests and out messages on autopilot to the following of your choice with a personalized target audience.



  • Emails suggested by Aeroleads are real-time and accurate.
  • Data creation with CSV file.
  • Its integration with LinkedIn is seamless, and extension usage is pretty easy with chrome.



  • AeroLeads has a free trial version, and the plan starts from $49/month.


If your sales strategy involves content distribution and engaging your target audience, Lempod is the best automation tool. It is a browser-based integration tool. It has a unique and fast way to streamline your LinkedIn activities and take care of your campaigns. It helps you to increase your post views by joining relevant engagement pods.

On the basic level on Lempod, you can join a predefined pod where you can add the post you made on LinkedIn. Here, people get to see and read your post, and they like and give reviews on it.

You can meet like-minded people through these pods with whom you can connect directly on LinkedIn. A large number of search filters helps you find your exact pod and frow engagement. 


  • Lempod offers a $5 per pod per month plan. 
  • In the advanced plan, which costs a $50 per month plan, Lempod allows companies can create their private pod.


Zopto is a lead generation automation tool for Linkedin. It aids in bringing in more qualified prospects into your sales funnel. As cloud-based software, it’s easy to use and set up, but the only thing you require is to have a LinkedIn premium account.


  • Zopto offers advanced filtering options that help search for specific results based on job location, title, company size, and more. 
  • Speeds up the sales process with automated features like connection messages, free InMails, and more.
  • You get insights and statistics on a personalized dashboard about ongoing lead generation LinkedIn campaigns’ performance.


  • You can create a target-specific campaign on LinkedIn, using advanced filters, giving you more relevant leads. 
  • Zopto enables engaging activities like sending invites for connection, Free InMails, Twitter Engagement, and Sequential Messaging.


  • It doesn’t allow you to cancel the campaign automatically if you realize you have chosen the wrong target profiles.
  • Many users have complained about billing transparency.


Zopto offers three plans. 

  • The personal plan costs $215 per month.
  • Grow plan with access to two accounts costs $395 per month.
  •  Agency plan has 5 accounts at $895 per month.

Phantom Buster

Phantom Buster is a kind of veteran in the world of automation tools and also the most trusted one. It can integrate with almost all social media accounts. 


  • They have an industry-best API (Application Programming Interface)that allows you to automate your Linkedin with code.
  • The top features are scraping, messaging, endorsing prospects, and connecting. 


Easy to use and helps you to grow your Linkedin network fast.



All the tasks run in batches, so they charge on a minute base.


  • It offers a total of 5 plans. 
  • It starts with a free plan to the premium most costs $900 per month.


Most LinkedIn lead generation tools help you know your connections through their information and activities on LinkedIn. Still, as an aggressive marketer, you want to understand what your prospects are doing on other platforms. Discoverly helps you there. Discoverly provides information about your prospect’s presence on other social media. Like mutual friends on Facebook. Discoverly is available as the Chrome browser extension.


  • Allows you to have a complete real-time contact info
  • A warm introduction to getting into new networks 


  • Set up is easy as it runs the chrome extension.
  • You can get displays of other social media while running LinkedIn.


  • Utility with the chrome extension sometimes makes your device slow.
  • Not that useful for actual sales lead generation other than knowing deeper about your prospects. 


  • It’s free.


Using Alfred, you can run a full-scale social selling campaign from start to finish. This is one of the most preeminent LinkedIn tools, working as a message automation tool. It helps you automate conversations with the personalized touch through bulk messages, notifications, Inmails, and advertisements.



  • Captive messaging solutions
  • LinkedIn CRM integration
  • Team Management assistance
  • Email Campaign sequence


  • Get complete insights on your dashboard about ongoing LinkedIn campaigns’ real-time performance.
  • First-rate assistance for increasing engagement and conversations with prospects.


A bit expensive for its utility and not flexible with payment modes


  • The tool has pricing plans starting from $49/month per user. 


Expandi is one of the safest automation tools for LinkedIn for automated LinkedIn messages. Expandi can be used by combining any of your choice CRM.


  • Expandi searches results for engagement in a specific post on LinkedIn and derives the target audience for you.
  • Creates various outreach campaigns.
  • Automated connection requests to targeted prospects, auto pilot message streaming until you get the response.



Expandi is a handy tool that meets your outreach struggle with your hot prospect database.


  • Expandi offers only one pricing plan of $99/month per user.

Linkedroid – The LinkedIn Helper

Linkedroid is a tool that helps users to generate leads. The tool works by auto visiting profiles and building more connections. With the use of Linkedroid, you can accept or reject bulk pending requests with customized greeting messages.



  •  Automated visits to target profiles, You can visit 1000 profiles.
  • Send and receive bulk messages with customized greetings
  • Build a strong network through endorsement 



  •  Automation based LinkedIn messaging and more engagement with prospects
  •  Generate leads through building strong connections 



  • The plan starts from $29.99/month


Linked Fusion is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool. It provides you with a dedicated local IP address to use with your LinkedIn account. You can create various campaigns and measure the metrics from multiple campaigns in real-time. 


  • It helps you to build strong relationships with your prospects.
  • LinkedFusion eliminates duplicate outreach efforts.
  • It provides dedicated local IPs.
  • Automated messaging and feedback 
  • Integrations with various CRM


  • Excellent for team collaboration.
  • Inbuilt CRM Integration
  • In-depth analysis and data support 


Lacking customer support 


  • The professional plan with advanced features starts from $65.95/month.

LinkedIn is crucial nowadays to get opportunities. If you use these LinkedIn Lead generation Automation tools, the process will be seamless. You can be stress-free, focusing on your goal and strategizing the technique. So, try these tools and take a leap effortlessly.