What Are LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms? How To Use It?

Wondering how to use LinkedIn lead gen forms? Every business needs customers to grow. But with stiff competition, it is not easy getting the number of customers you need to grow your ecommerce store.  

Most businesses need to invest in lead generation to drive customers and increase sales over time. One way to generate leads is investing in social media marketing and LinkedIn lead generation.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social channels, with over 830 million active users. There are millions of prospects on this platform that any business can convert with the right campaign. Businesses can subscribe to LinkedIn lead generation forms and drive prospects to their stores. 

What Are LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms?

LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms allow marketers and advertisers to create easy-to-fill lead capture forms. These forms make it easy for customers to complete forms and make lead generation more successful for businesses.

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When a user clicks on an advert CTA that uses lead gen from, from appears on their screen with the information they shared previously with LinkedIn. The user doesn’t have to type any information manually on the lead form again if the form is asking for details they already shared with LinkedIn. Users click the submit button, and the business collects the needed data.

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LinkedIn lead gen forms are designed to speed up data collection and improve user experience to boost conversion rates for marketers and advertisers.

How To Set Up LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Almost everyone can set up LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. Here are some steps you should take when setting up the form for your business.

1- Log in to your LinkedIn account

2- Go to Campaign Manager

3- Select account assets, and then click Lead Gen Forms 

4- Click Create form

There are four distinct parts to a LinkedIn Lead Gen From

– Hidden field

– Form details

– Confirmation 

– Lead details and questions 

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Steps To Build LinkedIn Lead Form 

You can follow these steps to build your LinkedIn lead form.

1- Name the form 

2- Choose a language you prefer for the form 

3- Create a 60-character headline for the form

4- Fill up the Offer details. Here you specify what benefits your products offer to the target user. Your explanation should not exceed more than 160 characters.

5- Add a URL linking the Privacy Policy to your online store or website.

6- Add Privacy Policy Text in the box provided 

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Steps To Create Lead Details And Custom Questions

For this part of creating LinkedIn lead forms, you will specify the data you intend to collect from potential leads when they sign up for your form. 

1- Select the contact details you want, like the users’ phone number, name, physical address, and email address.

2- Select work details like job position, company, title, etc.

3- Add education details like a field of study, experience, degree, and graduation details.

4- Select the demographics of the potential lead, like the gender and location.

Note that most users don’t have to fill up this section of the lead form because it is automatically generated for them. However, LinkedIn cannot pre-fill details like email address, gender, and the user’s phone number.

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Steps For Confirmation 

The next part of the LinkedIn Lead Generation form is setting up the confirmation. This is the user thank you page they see once you convert them. Here are the steps you take to set up the confirmation.

  • Create your thank you message and explain how you intend to communicate with the user.
  • Provide your business landing page URL with helpful information to your leads.
  • Select a thank you message CTA more relevant to your offer from the drop-down menu.

Creating Hidden Fields

The hidden details part is optional when setting up the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form. This part requires that you integrate your website with a third-party marketing automation platform.

Hidden fields are the fields users are not supposed to see. Details in hidden fields include agency ID, making it easy to identify where the lead is coming from. The details may also have the product ID to make it easy to identify the product you are supposed to sell to the user based on the advert.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms?

There are many reasons why any business should use lead generation forms. One of the main benefits of using LinkedIn lead gen forms is that they help you collect valuable information from potential leads that like your ads on LinkedIn. Here are the other benefits of using LinkedIn lead gen forms for your marketing campaigns:

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Increase Your Conversions

One of the primary benefits of using LinkedIn lead gen forms is to make it easy to convert leads by removing any frictions. It takes the user only two clicks to convert, and there is barely any commitment required from the user. This increases the number of leads coming to your business.

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Collect More Information In A Few Steps 

Using lead gen forms is one way of asking users for more information without affecting your conversions. You choose what kind of information you want from your customers to create helpful marketing campaigns for your business.

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Best Practices For LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms 

If you want to generate the most leads when using LinkedIn lead gen forms, you should do the following:

  • Use between three to four form fields only 
  • Avoid having fields that require manual input 
  • Ensure you have more compelling descriptions and headlines 
  • Add a URL on your LinkedIn landing page 
  • Integrate the lead forms with a third-party tool
  • Increase your conversions using a Thank You Page 
  • Use the Lead Gen Ad on LinkedIn as your landing page

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Final Thoughts 

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms allows you to generate the most B2B leads for your business. This strategy makes it easier for you to collect all the essential information you need from your leads to create a marketing strategy personalized to their interests. 

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