Best Time To Post On LinkedIn

Wondering when you should post on LinkedIn? Or at what time is LinkedIn most active? 

Let us tell you that Monday is certainly not the best day to post on LinkedIn. 

So, which is the best day and time to post on LinkedIn?

This post shares all.

LinkedIn offers you a platform to reach millions of people in different parts of the world. The platform has over 800 million users in more than 200 countries. When you have a business page on LinkedIn, you increase your chances of reaching out to prospects, professionals, and recruits.

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You can hire a team on LinkedIn, engage with followers, and entice people to buy your products and services.

Once you have a business page on LinkedIn, you should post quality and compelling content regularly. However, the right time you should post content on the platform to generate more leads remains a bone of contention. 

In this guide, we expound on when is the right time to be posting content on LinkedIn.

What To Consider When Looking For The Best Times To Post On LinkedIn

1 – Day Of The Week (The Best Days To Post On LinkedIn Are Tuesday, Wednesday, And Thursday)

Out of the seven days a week, the best day to post is not Monday. If you want more views, shares, and comments on LinkedIn, you should post your content on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

LinkedIn is a professional network, so most users on the platform are not likely to login in on Fridays and Mondays. These are the days with the least engagement. On Weekends, usage on LinkedIn drops dramatically.

2 – Business Hours (The Best Time To Post On LinkedIn Is Between 9 AM To 1 PM)

LinkedIn is a professional network used by job seekers, leaders, managers, and job owners. Most of these people are only active during traditional business hours of 9 am to 5 pm. Engagement on the platform drops on weekends and after 5 pm because most users are off duty.

There are breaks during the day in which the engagement level on LinkedIn increases. Lunchtime (12 pm – 1 pm) is the most active time on LinkedIn. Mornings also get a good engagement on the platform. Engagement on the platform starts increasing towards the end of the day when most professionals take a break from work.

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3 – Time Zones

When posting content on most social media platforms, you can take advantage of differences in time zones. You can use time zones if you’re a global or regional brand to post content on the platform at different times. Publish your content on the platform at different times to reach your target audience. 

However, you should beware that LinkedIn will punish your business page if you post content on the platform more than once daily. Therefore, if you want to post on LinkedIn for a global audience, you should find out what time most of your followers are active on the platform and create a schedule based on that.

For instance, if you are based in Canada, you can use EST since this is the time with the most active users. Use a social media analytical tool to find where most of your audience comes from.

4 – Audience Behaviour 

To post content on LinkedIn and get the best results, you should start by monitoring your audience. Knowing how your audience behaves on LinkedIn is important if you want to establish the right time to post content for them. 

You should look into how your audience uses the platform, what time they are mostly online, and what content they like to see on the platform. You should also look into time zones and hours when most LinkedIn users are most active.

5 – Post Frequency

The recommended posting frequency on LinkedIn is 2-5 times per week and up to 20 times a month. You shouldn’t post content more than once a day on LinkedIn. The platform has an algorithm designed to ensure users get the most content in their newsfeed from different creators. Therefore, posting more than once per day does more harm to your page than good.

6 – Business Sector 

Your business sector is another factor you should consider most when posting content on LinkedIn. Different sectors have different times for posting. For example, research has shown that most B2B businesses will have the best success on LinkedIn if they post between 11 am – 12 pm, and software companies do the best when they post within the 9 am – 5 pm range.

Here is a breakdown of the best times you should post on LinkedIn for your business:

  • B2B Businesses: Post in the early mornings, during the lunch breaks, and during commuting hours.
  • Software and media: Consider posting on weekdays or outside the traditional work hours.
  • B2C Businesses: Post content on weekdays during lunchtime and outside the normal business hours.
  • Healthcare and higher education: Post content from mid-morning to the early afternoon, between 10 am and 2 pm.

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Know Why People Use LinkedIn 

To get the most leads from your LinkedIn platform, you should know why your target audiences use the platform. LinkedIn is not like most social media platforms. It is unique in many ways, from how users interact on the platform, to what time they login. The platform is mostly used as an employment and networking tool for professionals. 

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Therefore, you should understand why your audience is using the platform to get the best user engagement on LinkedIn. This way, you can adjust your marketing strategy to generate the most leads. 

Most people use LinkedIn to:

  • Find work
  • Build connections
  • Look for industry news
  • Build brand

Once you know how your audience is using LinkedIn, you should employ tips to get better engagement on the platform. If you want to generate most leads:

  • Post quality content on your business page consistently 
  • Publish exclusive and unique content 
  • Give your business profile a face by uploading your company logo and story
  • Build a community and following on LinkedIn by communicating with your followers

Final Thoughts 

The best time to post content on LinkedIn depends on your target audience and what time they are most likely to be active and online on the platform.

 If you want the most engagement on LinkedIn, you should post your content on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday within working hours (9 am -5 pm). Post exclusive content on LinkedIn regularly to increase engagement and generate the most leads for your business.

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